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    Russell Wilson Mourns Best Friend’s Death

    Loosing a best friend can be tough on anyone. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently lost his bestfriend Trevor Moawad to cancer. Of course, the football player didn’t take the news of Moawad’s passing lightly. Since his death, Wilson and his famous wife Ciara, have mourned over the untimely death of their friend. Recently, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback gave a tribute to his dear friend.

    Russell Wilson’s Friend

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    Businesswise, Moawad acted as Russell’s mental-conditioning coach and business partner. Though, the two became close over the years. The two first met back at the IMG Academy when Wilson trained for the 2012 NFL draft. Additionally, Moawad helped Russell Wilson cope with the loss of a championship during the Super Bowl 49 after the New England Patriots beat the Seahawks. Moawad went from being a stranger, to a confidant and soon Wilson’s best friend. Eventually, Moawad became a part of Wilson’s core group of friends. Devastation struck when Moawad suddenly passed away from Cancer last week at just 48-years old.

    The Quarterback Remembers His Friend During A Press Conference

    Russell Wilson
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    This past Thursday, Russell Wilson took some time out of his press conference to address the untimely passing of his friend Trevor Moawad. Making a tribute out to his friend via social media wouldn’t do Moawad justice. According to, Wilson discussed how Moawad always paid it forward. His influence helped a lot of people and turned their lives around for the better. More importantly, he talked about how Moawad had his back through the best and worst of times.

    “He’s always been there for me. He’s a guy who always gave me perspective and gave me knowledge and insight,” Russell Wilson said during the press conference. Hopefully Wilson’s friend rests in peace.


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