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    Roy Halladay Number Retirement; Try Not to Cry.

    Roy Halladay Jersey Number Retirement

    Today, the Phillies organization retired Roy Halladay’s number, 34. Among those in attendance were Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz, Raúl Ibañez, Rich Dubee and manager Charlie Manuel. During the ceremony, Ruiz unveiled a newly erected statue of Roy Halladay. Upon revealing the statue, Ruiz placed a kiss upon and touched his heart in a tender, heartfelt moment. Finally, Steve Carlton revealed the number 34 Plaque on the wall at center field.

    Roy Halladay, A Remarkable; Perfect Talent

    As we look back at Doc’s achievements today, we also remember his time with the phillies as truly magical. Halladay spent four seasons in Philadelphia from the years of 2010-2013. There, Roy was deemed an all-star twice. Additionally, he was a Cy Young in the 2010 season when he went 21-10 with a 2.44 ERA. Furthermore, the talented Halladay accomplished a perfect game on May 29, 2010.

    Then, Doc followed it up and threw a no-hitter (only the second in postseason history) on October 6 against Cincinnati.

    His Death, A Legendary Loss

    Unfortunately, the measure of his talent’s potential was thwarted during an accident while piloting a plane. Halladay died at the young age of 40 years old on Nov. 7, 2017. Halladay was under the influence while engaging in risky behavior, doing dangerous tricks flying his Icon A5 plane. The pitching star had morphine and amphetamine along with an antidepressant, the sleeping aid Ambien, and trace amounts of alcohol in his blood.

    Roy Halladay

    And, It was finally clear that Halladay was suffering as a result of his intense perfectionism and the loss of playing the game he loved. As a result, Roy was simply spiraling down a depressive cycle. Unfortunately, no one was able to catch it in time. However, his death raised more awareness of mental health and sports and the need to look after each other. The young retired pitcher was set to be the Phillies pitching coach but never was able to make it to his start. Roy Halladay was survived by his wife and children.

    Roy Halladay

    Zack Wheeler pitching with Halladay’s Spirit

    Zack Wheeler was the first Phillies pitcher to retire 22 consecutive batters in a start since May 29, 2010 — Roy Halladay’s perfect game. Wheeler managed to pitch a complete game shutout against his former team, The Mets. The game resulted in a 3-0 win. Additionally, this win solidified their winning streak, marking their 8th win in a row (2 series sweeps), on today, 8/8.

    “Today was his day and I just tried to pitch like him.” -Zack Wheeler

    Zack Wheeler

    It is hard to believe that Roy Halladay’s spirit was not with them today as both Wheeler and the Phillies delivered an amazing performance.


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