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    Rosalía Surprises Fans With New Song Despechá

    Five months passed, and less than a month on tour, and Motomami herself released a new song ‘Despechá‘. The Spanish singer Rosalía dropped the song last Thursday, and millions of fans got excited over the awaited release of the summer.

    Rosalía lately has captivated many throughout social media and digital platforms with her unique style of music. And has become an apparent fashion icon for her young audience.

    Moreover, the song is inspired by tropical rhythms it was also anticipated in the latest concerts of her tour. As well as calling so much attention fans begged the singer for days until Rosalía finally decided on releasing it.

    This all happened during her recital in Bilbao last Thursday. When Rosalía said that ‘Despechá’ would come out at night “si Dios quiere” which means if God wants to, said the singer. These words took Twitter and TikTok users to show their enthusiasm for the song.

    “There are many ways to be ‘Despechá’, on this subject it is from madness or impudence, walking without reservations or regret. This is the place from which I make music. From where I did it when I started, and where I will continue until God says “, said the artist.

    The Origin of ‘Despechá’

    Furthermore, the artist first showed the song at the beginning of her tour in Almería. As part of a group of unreleased songs that form part of her tour. Rosalía also revealed the song was gonna be called ‘De Lao a Lao’ but ultimately decided on ‘Despechá’ when asking her followers.

    “I am grateful for having been able to travel in recent years and have learned from music from other places, including the DR, where artists such as Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra, or Omega have inspired me and without them, this song would not exist”, said Rosalía in a post.


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