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    Roddy Ricch Splurges His Money On A $5.6 Million-Dollar Crib

    Young celebrities often face loads of pressure in the public eye. Many make poor decisions throughout their careers while others go broke before age 30. Fortunately, stars like Roddy Ricch know how to make the right choices for their careers. Furthermore, the star has raked in a huge amount of money. Now he’s decided to invest his money into a new crib. Recently, the young rap star splurged his money on a $5.6 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

    Roddy Ricch Buys A $5.6 Million-Dollar Mansion In Beverly Hills

    Roddy Ricch
    via Rap-Up

    Having made smart investment decisions, Roddy Ricch decided to splurge his money on a big ticket item. The young rap star recently bought a mansion in Beverly Hills, ringing in at a whopping $5.6 million dollars. Most millennials wouldn’t be able to purchase a house at that price.

    According to sources, Roddy Ricch’s new crib comes equipped with some pretty impressive features, such as a 10-car parking lot. Other key features include a large swimming pool, vast patios and a detached guesthouse that serve as a music studio. Furthermore, the 3,500 square foot mansion is surrounded by tons of land, meaning Ricch has a huge back and front yard. The rapper will definitely be living the high life.

    His Sophomore Album

    Roddy Ricch
    via Rap-Up

    Roddy Ricch’s purchase comes after news of his sophomore album Live.Life.Fast. He seems rather confident that it’ll perform well on the music charts. After all, buying a house–a million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills at that–calls for a large yearly income. Though, Ricch has already capitalized off the success of his debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. There’s no doubt that Roddy Ricch will buy another pricey item after the success of his second album. Fans can expect Live. Life. Fast to drop Dec. 17.



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