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    Damn! Rihanna In Her Fenty Lingerie Has Our Mouth Watering!!

    Rihanna has always been a piece of eye candy you can’t turn away from. She surely knows how to wear her Fenty lingerie.

    Rihanna has been making major moves outside the world of music. She currently has a cosmetic line, along with working with Fenty. Regardless of what she does, it seems as though always hit the mark. Most recently she released a special Fenty lingerie line for Valentine’s Day. Riri was sure to share some of her new collection on Instagram.

    She also posted pictures of herself in a bodysuit, and we were surely impressed. The singer let us get a nice view when her fine ass let them titties out on New Years. In addition, she has an exclusive VIP box set to release on March 1st. Even with all of her success, Rihanna confirmed on Twitter she will be releasing her new album in 2019. The singer has plenty to be happy for in 2019. However, she is still in the process of taking her father to the cleaners in a new lawsuit. .

    Do you consider Rihanna the hottest female on the planet? Who else look’s better than her in Fenty lingerie? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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