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Rihanna Megan Markle BFF
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Rihanna and Megan Markle Now BFF? Apparently So…

Rihanna and Megan Markle are getting close to one another as good friends as Radar Online reports it.

Recently moving to the United Kingdom from the U.S. the 31-year-old music icon is chilling with the Royals.

An anonymous insider spilled some tea on Rihanna and Megan Markle in their growing friendship, stating that the two have a lot in common.

Meghan is with her baby right now but once she’s back from maternity leave hanging out with Rihanna is high on her list,”

“It’s not been easy for her staying cooped up at home,” the source revealed. “But she’s needed the time to decompress and bond with Archie as well as get into the shape she feels she needs to be in before facing the world.”

Rihanna and Megan Markle teaming up is a big surprise seeing as though one is known as the “bad girl” and the other comes off like a “good girl”. Maybe the two are both bad girls, eh? We’d never know until they start hanging out!

Apparently, Megan has a thing for shopping the malls looking fly! That sounds like where some pics may surface from of the two if they start kicking it sooner than later.

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