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    Ric Flair is The Father of Hip Hop Culture’s “Drip”

    Ric Flair is what Offset believes to be the father of the Hip Hop slang word “Drip”. The nature boy himself is taking responsibility for the word and meaning. Being a staple in the hip-hop culture for what feels like years, there’s no doubt that he was your favorite rappers, favorite wrestler.

    Remember the song “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset and Metro Boomin? That record peaked on Billboard charts at number twenty, solidifying his claim as a swag investor into the culture.

    “Ohhh yeah, checkin’ all that drip out. Ric Flair drip. You lookin’ at all of it,” he said. “I’m responsible for drip. You can ask anybody. Ask Offset, ask the Migos. I am the founder of swag. Ask LeBron James. I am The Nature Boy!”

    It looks like Ric Flair has yet again stapled himself into the Hip Hop culture with just a single word. Who can argue that? Woooooooooo!


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