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    Restaurant Denies Service To Black Child For “Dress Code”

    A Baltimore restaurant group is apologizing after a family was denied service for “Dress Code” adherence.

    Video shows a manager of Atlas Restaurant in Baltimore denying service to a black family for what he said was a dress code issue. However, the mother of the black boy pointed out that a white boy had on a similar outfit.

    Marcia Grant sounds irritated during her encounter with the manager at the restaurant she was trying to dine at with her family. In the video, a white manager is telling Grant her son can’t eat there because “Unfortunately, we do have a dress code.”

    Not easily dismayed, the mother gives the man a chance to change his stance because she sees that what he is saying is not always the truth. “So you’re telling me my son can’t eat here because he has on athletic stuff?” Grant asked the manager. To which he replied, “No, no, just the shorts,” another apparent contradiction from what the video shows.

    Two separate white children had on shorts in the establishment, and one had on a complete athletic outfit with no collar shirt. The Restaurant Group, who owns Atlas, has issued an apology and has changed its dress code policy. However, none of that will change the perception of black people to their employees.

    The manager of that restaurant was aware of the dress code and how to enforce it. It wasn’t the policy that needed changing; it was the mangers way of thinking.

    What do you guys think of the restaurant denying service to the Marcia Grant and her son?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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