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    Rappers: Long Term Effects On How Their Death Affects Fans

    Young Dolph

    So what happens when these iconic artists are publicly slain? There has been a multitude of murders of iconic rappers in the past year alone. According the The Sun, there are 21 tallies of the death of rappers this year alone. Drakeo the Ruler is one of the most recent murders, both killed on December 18, 2021. The killings of both rappers occurred at two separate events and are in no relation to one another.

    Drakeo the Ruler

    How Does Public Slayings of Rappers Have Long Term Effects on Fans

    Fans collectively come together to mourn rappers they consider to be iconic and influential. Super-fans of some of these iconic rappers claim that they have saved their lives. So, what happens when the person who saved your life dies?

    According to The Guardian, artists like Lil Peep, Juice WRLD and rapper Shock G fell victim to drug overdoses, leaving fans to struggle through their addictions alone. Iconic rap artists like Young Dolph, Pop Smoke are victims of public homicide. How does this affect the aspiring rappers and young street entrepreneurs who look up to these artists? To some standard, these fans either eternalize their grieving, or they publicly mourn the loss of their heroes. Take take mental health in consideration, these deaths can worsen the mental state of their fans.

    2021 has its share of tragedies and deaths of popular artists, let’s hope that 2022 is more forgiving.



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