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    Chicago Rapper Big Kay Beezy Isn’t The One To Mess With In “Paraphernalia”

    Chicago rapper Big Kay Beezy brings music aficionados something different every time he drops a record. He never fails to stand out from the crowd. Clearly, Beezy isn’t here to just become a one-hit wonder, instead he’s made it his life’s mission to take over the rap world.

    Furthermore, the Chi Town rapper began releasing music just shy of 2019. Mega hits like “Misfit,” “Southside,” “Outta Nowhere,” and “Touchdown” put him on the map. Even better, he garnished 660,000 monthly Spotify listeners and another 7 million views on YouTube. In 2020, his debut album GG4L only made him an even bigger star. While the record showcased Beezy’s more authentic side, his follow-up Bad Intentions catered to the artist’s more playful personality. Clearly, Beezy proved that he could switch things up.

    It wasn’t long before others started taking notice of the rapper. In 2021, he teamed up with Pooh Shiesty and others on his Don Juan set. Additionally, the Chicago rapper collaborated with Lil Zay Osama on “Glock 9.” Obviously, the rapper has friends in high places now.

    Not to mention, several publications wanted a piece of him. From the start of his career in 2019, various blogs wrote about Big Kay Beezy’s growing presence in Chicago’s rap scene. Though, his big moment struck when in 2020 the publication Earmilk wrote a piece about him and his music. While Beezy hasn’t been in the music business that long, he’s slowly gaining the recognition that he clearly deserves.

    Now the Chicago rapper has returned with his newest explosive single “Paraphernalia.” The song finds Beezy going off on the track.

    Big Kay Beezy Takes His Song “Paraphernalia” To A New Level

    There’s several rap and HipHop artists to get excited about this year. Though, Chi Town’s Big Kay Beezy remains one of the most highly anticipated new artists to come out of 2022. He’s already released a handful of high-ranking records. Not to mention, he’s caught the eye of various publications like Earmilk. Clearly, the rap star has a lot going on for him.

    His new track “Paraphernalia” definitely proves the guy has mad skills. Furthermore, the record finds the rapper going off, dropping explosive and rapid bars that make him seem like a ticking time bomb. Additionally, his choice to use a simple beat against his fiery bars really brings out his powerful lyricism. In some ways, the “Paraphernalia” comes off like a freestyle track, with the rapper pretty much dissing every last one of his contemporaries within reaching distance. Big Kay Beezy makes it clear not to mess with him.

    On an ending note, the location of the music video features Beezy in an abandoned construction site, rapping amongst piles of rubble. At the same time, he talks about owning luxury items like fur Chinchilla rugs. It seems the rapper wanted to create an interesting juxtaposition between the setting and his lyrics. He may be on the way to becoming a huge star and likes the finer things in life. However, that doesn’t mean he’s lost his edge. Obviously, Big Kay Beezy’s delivery on his newest song makes it clear that he’s on the rise to success.

    Chicago’s Newest Star Big Kay Beezy Has More On The Way

    Big Kay Beezy
    via SoundCloud

    Several great artists have come out Chicago this year. It almost seems like there’s been a huge Chi Town takedown in recent months. Everyone from Chance The Rapper, Lil Durk and Polo G has taken the rap scene by storm. Now the question remains, who will be the next biggest rap star to come out of the Chicago’s prolific scene?

    With so many great talents coming out the grate, it’s hard to say. Though, Chicago native Big Kay Beezy might just be well on his way to making it into the big leagues. So far, he’s released a handful of great records, including his newest track “Paraphernalia,” that have gained him quite the reputation. Hopefully, the rapper keeps the momentum going. Be sure to check out more music from Chicago’s newest rising star.






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