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    R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Her Silence

    22-year-old Azriel Clary, the former girlfriend of R&B-star turned rapist, R. Kelly, is breaking her silence. Clary sat down for an interview with Gayle King, alongside Joycelyn Savage, another girlfriend, to defend the singer last spring. Clary is now saying everything she said in that interview was a lie.

    In an interview with The SunClary says there are hundreds of victims out there.

    “Robert has his live-in girlfriends; he has girlfriends in every city. He has flings in every city.

    “There’s usually three main cities in every state. So three times 50, that lets you know how many women are probably out there, and that’s probably not even hitting it on the nail,” she said.

    In September of 2019, Clary and Joycelyn Savage, the last standing girlfriends, appeared at several court hearings in support of Kelly. It wasn’t until Clary watched the Netflix docuseries Surviving R. Kelly that she decided to leave the entourage and reunite with her family.

    “I definitely do believe that I was very naive and very brainwashed and manipulated by him, and as much as I hate to say it I’m woman enough, and I’m grown enough to admit that yes, I was brainwashed and yes, I was manipulated,” she said in an emotional interview.

    “And yes, this man did have me wrapped around his finger. If he would have told me to jump, I would have said, ‘how high?’”

    “It was all in because I just genuinely just loved him, and I love hard.”

    Clary met the singer when she was 17-years-old at a concert when she was approached by a member of his entourage and given his phone number. Azriel was an aspiring singer and started flying out to see Kelly right away. She quickly decided to leave her family and move in with the then 48-year-old.

    R Kellys Ex-Girlfriend
    Under Kelly’s control, none of the girls were allowed to have contact with their families.“You weren’t allowed to mention family without him being around. You weren’t allowed to show pictures of your family,” she said.

    Azriel Clary’s parents were featured in the Netflix documentary traveling across the U.S. to get a glimpse of their daughter.

    R Kellys Ex-GirlfriendTherefore, Clary told The Sun that other victims have been hesitant to speak out because Kelly blackmails everyone. Apparently, by the form of filming degrading sexual acts, and having self-criminating contracts signed.

    “For the most part, he blackmails everyone. He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down; he makes them sign it,”

    Furthermore, Clary alleges that written forms of blackmail include contracts signed by girls stating that they’ve been molested by parents, siblings or family members, or have stolen from Kelly.

    Shockingly, the former girlfriend stated that Kelly has even forced some of these girls to molest their siblings and nieces/nephews, and filmed it.

    “Personally, had I ever done anything like that, I would be entirely too ashamed to come forward. Thankfully, I’ve never been in that situation. But have I seen it done to other women? Yes, I have,” she says.

    R. Kelly is awaiting convictions in multiples court cases and maintains his innocence.

    Even more, Joycelyn Savage remains by Kelly’s side. Savage and Clary got into a physical altercation earlier this month when Clary allegedly went to Trump Tower in Chicago, to rescue Savage. Charges have been filed.

    Did you watch Surviving R. Kelly? What do you think about R. Kelly?

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