PromoBoi Addresses “Fake Luv” On New Single

PromoBoi Addresses Fake Luv On New Single

Philly Based Producer Turned Artist Drops “Fake Luv”

In an era where hate is lurking around every corner, nothing seems to be more cynical than synthetic support. Philly based producer turned recording artist, PromoBoi is no stranger to the concept and addresses it on his latest leak “Fake Luv.”

With an affinity for lyricism and storytelling, PromoBoi has been making music for over a decade. Splitting his time between Miami and The City of Brotherly Love, the seasoned creative has had the opportunity to work with “Get Smoked” rapper Lil Mouse, Marques Houston, and Empire actor Yazz as well as PnB Rock, Mila J, and Tory Lanez.

Following past distribution agreements with Slip N Slide and Interscope, PromoBoi has recently signed a new agreement with Kolbalt’s recorded-music division AWAL in conjunction with the release of his new song.

Stream the track below and hopefully a visual follows soon.


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