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    Powerhouse Duo Beatdemons Need No Introduction : Their Rise To Prominence In The Music World

    Our redaction respects the talent behind the scenes of the music industry. These unseen people are why we can listen to our favorite artists in ideal conditions. We are talking about magicians like Beat Demons. The collective minds of Mark and Chris come together to create Beat Demons, a multi-platinum producing duo.

    A New Beginning 

    Well, back in 2014, Chris and Mark were the top producers in the city, and everyone told them to link. Eventually, they got connected and teamed up. Their journey and success have been a collaborative effort. They threw some ideas around and came up with Beatdemons. According to them, it wasn’t any meaning behind it, and it just sounded cool. They ended up making eight beats in one day. Their chemistry was crazy. Eventually, it led to their recognition as a Multi Platinum-certified Producer Duo.

    Getting Started 

    When Mark was 13, his father had him rap over an instrumental for one of his Dj mixes. He took it to school the next day and showed it to his friend. His dad was amazed and told him he had this game called MTV Music Generator and how you can make beats on it. He gave it to Mark the next day. Mark spent hours messing around with it. He was amazed by the endless possibilities of creating sounds, and he made his first beat. It became his passion and a way to express himself.

    As a child, Chris lived in a foster home when he was growing up. He was pretty naughty and used to get in trouble a lot, so they would always make him sit at an old piano they had. Chris eventually started playing it every time he found himself in trouble. He played it so much and got good at it and grew to love music, and it led me to make beats, and the rest was history.

    On paving their path to success

    Making their name has been a result of constantly uploading beats to YouTube. This has helped them to become one of the top-selling producers online & on a platform called Beatstars. Shortly thereafter, big artists started coming across their beats online, which led to placements. Beat Demons’ first big placement was with Money Man for a song called Aura. Right after that, they got a placement with Bad Bunny & Brytiago for a song titled Netlixxx that became platinum within months. Those placements helped them make a name for themselves in the music industry.

    Biggest accomplishment 

    The most important thing to them is to be able to do music full-time and take care of their family. But musically speaking, they have received 2 RIAA platinum plaques, one for Brytiago & Bad Bunny – “Netflixxx,” one for 6ix9ine – “Gooba,” and one gold plaque for Tink – “Bottom Bitch”, but the biggest has to be going CRAZY VIRAL for a song called “Shes Buff” by Beat Demons and SSJ9k that started a dance trend #shesbuff.

    Upcoming Projects

    There are some Beat Demons collab releases where they are considered artists on the song. They also have a few in the works, but the ones dropping soon will be Quin Nfn and Bobby Shmurda. They also co-produced Quin nfn upcoming album that should be dropping soon.

    Outside Music

    Outside of music, they like spending time with family, traveling, playing games (COD, Rocket league), working out, running, or thinking about music, and recently they have been venturing into real estate.


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