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    Polo G Reveals Horrifying Backstory Behind His “Heartless” Track

    Recently, Polo G’s track “Heartless” reached 100 million views on YouTube. Moreover, the Chicago rapper took to social media to bask in the huge milestone. Additionally, he shared the disturbing backstory behind his most successful track. Turns out, the night before shooting the music video for “Heartless”, Polo G was hospitalized for a lethal drug overdose. Trauma can sometimes lead to inspiration.

    Polo G’s “Heartless” Backstory Reveals That He Suffered A Drug Overdose

    Polo G via HipHopDX

    Much like the rest of us, celebrities endure horrifying events in their lives. Moreover, Polo G certainly put himself through the ringer ahead of shooting the music video for his successful track “Heartless.” Furthermore, the “Hall of Fame” rapper gave a detailed post on Instagram about his hospitalization after suffering a drug overdose.

    “Backstory for the video; I was Fresh out the hospital bed, from almost overdosing Onnem pills. I pop right back out & Shoot Dat Video now dat B***h Platinum w 100ms By it.”

    Luckily, the Chicago rapper bounced right back and went to work right after his hospitalization.

    The Rapper’s 2019 Hospital Post

    If die-hard fans remember, Polo G posted photos of himself at the hospital back in 2019. The time must’ve been difficult for the rapper; however, Polo G dismissed the incident as himself getting “a lil too lit.” Though, the incident seemed more severe after the photos showed his father at his side, caring for him. Additionally, he admitted that the overdose nearly cost him his life.

    At the time, Polo G seemed “heartless” to his own well-being. 

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