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    Polo G Gives Jay-Z His Flowers At 51

    Polo G Comments on Jay-Z’s Recent Collaboration

    Polo G, one of the leading artists in the U.S. right now with his “RAPSTAR” single currently sitting at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart for a second week. The Chicago rapper is sure to shed light on the artists who paved the way for him. Jay-Z is one of them.

    Following JAY-Z’s collaboration with Nas and DJ Khaled, “Sorry Not Sorry,” Polo G took to Twitter the next day to give Hov props for his Hip Hop longevity and keeping up his lyrical ability into his 50s.

    “This man Jay Z 50yrs Old still Walkin On Shit Effortlessly,” Polo G tweeted. 

    Polo G mentioned Hov before in one of his songs. He rapped, “profit with a billion dollar mind like I’m JAY-Z” on his song “Wishing for a Hero” off 2020’s THE GOAT album. JAY-Z even co-signed the BJ The Chicago-featured track by including it on his favorite songs of 2020 playlist.

    Jay-Z’s latest verse is getting praise from other hot new age rappers. During a meeting with DJ Khaled last week, Lil Baby confidently rapped Jay-z’s lyrics: “Sorry, that’s another B/Haters still ain’t recover from the other B/Mm, that’s a double B/Nah that’s a triple B, can’t forget ’bout the other Bey (Hey).”

    Other Polo G Influences

    Polo G compares himself to 2Pac on “RAPSTAR” with the lyrics, “They say I’m Pac rebirth, never put out a weak verse/Homicides when we lurk, I’ma step ‘til my feet hurt.”

    “My pops is a big ‘Pac fan,” he said. “That’s just the culture of our household to listen to a lot of different music. First, I was up on Lil Wayne, but when I figured out I really wanted to rap, that’s when I started looking deeper into 2Pac. And then just finding out a lot of shit about him, like the way he moved, what he stood for, just the music he was making. The messages that he had, I just felt like that’s what make him one of the all-time greats. So that’s something that you can marvel at.”

    As Polo G continues to make his mark in the industry, hopefully he’ll keep paying homage to the legends before him. 


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