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    Plaxico Burress Urges Ja Morant To ‘Learn From Me’ After Gun Incident

    One of the most glaring issues surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies this season is their star player Ja Morant’s off-court behavior. With all the talk about his recent gun-related incident, it’s no surprise that people are concerned for Morant and his future.

    Thankfully, there are people out there to help the young star, including former NFL superstar and New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress. In a recent interview on The Carton Show, Burress offered up some valuable advice for Morant – to ‘learn from me’ and not make the same mistakes he did.

    Morant is currently away from the Grizzlies and under police investigation after showcasing a weapon on Instagram Live. Whether it was his or someone else’s is unclear, but the gun-related news is a concern.

    The oh-so-serious question now is how Morant will handle this. Hopefully, he gets the help and figures things out quickly.

    Aside from his safety, there are also concerns for the team as a whole. The league is likely looking at the incident as a significant red flag and could take further action if Morant’s actions are against the rules.

    He may have already made a wrong decision, leading to even more off-court trouble in the future. Therefore, Morant and the Grizzlies must do whatever it takes to keep this off-court drama from spiraling out of control.

    It’s a shame that Morant has to deal with these issues at such a young age, but it seems he might have to grow up a little faster than he would have liked. Let’s hope he learns from this and returns stronger than ever. And the best way to do that is by learning from his mistakes and moving forward with a positive mindset.

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