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    Philly Rapper/Model Chynna Rogers Dead At 25

    Rapper And Model Chynna Rogers Found Dead At 25 years old.

    Up and Coming Rapper/Model Chynna Rogers passed away Wednesday, according to her manager. The Philadelphia Native was 25 at her time of death and was living in Brooklyn.

    In a statement given to TheWrap, Chynna’s manager stated: “I can regrettably confirm Chynna passed away,”. Further adding, “Chynna was deeply loved and will be sorely missed.”

    At Just 14 years old, Rogers signed with Ford Models. Shortly after that, she befriended the A$AP Yams, who encouraged her to music. Chynna would go on to release popular hit singles “Selfie” in 2013 and “Glen Coco” in 2014.

    After releasing her EP, “I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening” in 2015, Rogers began to open up about her opiate addiction.

    Her 2016 Mixtape “Ninety” gave listeners an in-depth look into the rapper’s struggles.

    In an interview with Vibe, Chynna talked about her addiction saying, “I felt crazy. I didn’t want to be a statistic. I didn’t want to go out that way, and people be like, ‘I told you so,’ or glamorize it [drugs] because I don’t feel like that”. Going on to share how difficult it is to open up about addiction by adding

    “It was nerve-wracking to be open, but when you see how many more people who are dealing with the same thing, it’s good to have some kind of example of someone you didn’t expect to be going through it.”

    No cause of death has been confirmed yet, and with the coronavirus epidemic taking so many lives, no assumptions can be made. However, no matter what the cause of death, such a young artist losing their life is truly a tragedy.

    Friends and Family of the Chynna took to social media to show their love. Kehalani, A$AP Mob, and Gianni Lee are just some of the celebs to express their love for Rogers.

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