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    Phillies 12th Walk-off Win, finish with 3-2 final score.

    Phillies Slow Start

    To be honest, the game was pretty underwelming to start. Both teams remained scoreless until the 4th, where the Orioles struck first (1-0). Then, the Phillies answered back in the 6th tying the game. Then, again scoreless at the 9th leading the game to go into extra innings. Yet, the tension is high as baseball is rounding the final corner of our 2021 season. October Baseball is nearing.

    Jt is a hometown hero after his 2-run hit

    We open at the bottom of the 10th inning. The Phillies have 2 outs and the score is 2-1 Orioles. After intentionally walking Harper and potentially putting the game winning run on first with two outs, it was still Orioles game to lose. Baltimore (Orioles) faced J.T. Realmuto, arguably the best catcher in baseball and a Phillies favorite. Fans spent most of last season campaigning for the organization to sign him. J.T. demonstrates another reason for fans admiration while hitting a 2-1 changeup into right field corner. Santana (Orioles) was unable to recover the ball in time. Ronald Torreyes will score representing the tying run. Harper hustles and slides into home play. The throw not in time. Alas, the Philadelphia phillies have won at Citizens Bank Park in extra Innings with another walk-off victory.

    “There’s no chance I wasn’t going to try to score. I thought I got a good read, a good jump. Then, I heard the crowd roar once it landed. I kicked it into another gear.”

    -Bryce Harper

    Walk-off Win
    Phillies 12th Walk-off Win Phillies beat the Orioles 3-2 Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    Do the Phillies deserve to be in playoff contention?

    No doubt that walk-offs are always fun. Yet, as exciting as that was, it did beg the question: did we actually need to win it in walk-off? The Phillies should have taken this game early on, given  the Orioles loss record of 103 games. Embarassingly, the phillies barely got over from almost getting beat by this team. The fact that we had to win it in 10 innings is not only frustrating but speaks to their drive as a team.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love witnessing a walk off as much as the other fans. At this point, we are entering playoffs and the Phillies should have taken the game outright. Additionally, I wonder if they even deserve to be in playoff contention. Their overall season play has been spotty at best and inconsistent as a whole. It is exciting to see them heat up now as they are fighting for their playoff lives. However, I witnessed a lot of games where they were phoning it in and not even running plays out or hustling for the ball and that is embarrassing. Playoff baseball should be a privilege and it should highlight the best in baseball but the Phillies could potentially get there out of sheer luck and last minute hustle. As a diehard phillies fan that is disappointing.

    Where we stand

    There are just 11 games left in this 2021 season. The Phillies have a record of 77-74 placing them 3 games behind the Braves.

    Where we stand
    Jt on the last 11 games of the seasons. Phillies 12th Walk-off Win Phillies beat the Orioles 3-2 Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    “We need all of them,” Realmuto said. “This late in the season, where we’re at, a few games behind the Braves, we can’t afford to lose two or three in a ROW ANYMORE and needed to drown them out.”


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