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    Philadelphia DUB Show Tour 2020 Review

    Philadelphia DUB Show Tour 2020

    The DUB Show Tour 2020 is an auto show that takes place in major cities throughout the United States during the year. This is not your typical auto show, though. DUB Magazine hosts the DUB Show Tour.

    DUB Magazine is the premier publication of the urban automotive lifestyle. This is showcased quite well at the Philadelphia DUB Show Tour 2020. This year’s event is at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The show in Philadelphia began on February 8th, but one can attend the event up until February 18th.

    Philadelphia DUB Show Tour 2020 Review

    This year’s show features many cool custom vehicles. This includes tricked-out cars, motorcycles, and the latest in after-market vehicles. All of this is showcased on the street level of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in a room that spans across 125,000 square feet.

    Philadelphia DUB Show Tour-1

    A majority of the tricked-out vehicles at the show feature unique custom paint jobs. Some of the custom paint jobs that stand out include a Jeep that pays tribute to Kobe, a paint job inspired by the movie “IT”, and anime-inspired cars owned by the famous rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

    Check Out Celebrities’ Cars

    This show features many celebrities’ vehicles. These include Lil Uzi’s fast cars with anime paint jobs, Carson Wentz’s classic green car, and the star Eagles’ player, Fletcher Cox’s truck.

    Philadelphia DUB Show Tour-3

    Final Thoughts

    There are several cool features to check out at this year’s event. One can see cars with wild custom paint jobs, massive trucks, and celebrities’ tricked-out vehicles. Thankfully this show is still open until February 18th, so you still have time to attend it.

    What are your guys’ thoughts though?

    Does the Philadelphia DUB Show Tour 2020 sound like something you’d be interested in going to? And if so, what feature of the event are you most looking forward to seeing?


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