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    Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons Suspended Before The Season Opener

    The Philadelphia 76ers have suspended Ben Simmons for their season-opening game against the New Orleans Pelicans, per ESPN. Wednesday night, the 76ers will be without Simmons; however, when asked about superstar Joel Embiid’s thoughts on the suspension, he emphasized that it’s not his job to “babysit” anyone.

    “I’m trying to win,” Embiid told reporters. “And to win, you have to have that relationship with your teammates. I do have that relationship with all my teammates.”

    “But at the end of the day, our job is not to babysit somebody. We get paid to produce on the court, go out, play hard, win some games … that’s what we get paid for. We don’t get paid to come out here and try to babysit somebody. So that’s not our job, and I’m sure my teammates feel that way,” Embiid continues”We’re really focused on just winning and playing as a team.”

    Philadelphia 76ers future plans moving forward

    The 76ers officially announced late on Tuesday’s practice that Simmons has been suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team, tweeted NBA Insider Shams Charania.

    76ers head coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice after he declined several times to participate in a drill, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

    “I just thought he was a distraction today,” Rivers said Tuesday after practice. “I didn’t think he wanted to do what everybody else was doing. It was early. It wasn’t a big deal. I just told him he should leave. We went on with practice.”

    Simmons was fined $1.4 million for his absences from the four preseason games combined with team fines for missed practices, on-court workouts, and team meetings, per Wojnarowski. Simmons has yet to make any money this season upon his return earlier this week.

    Lead Up and Results of Simmon’s Suspension

    Tuesday seemed to be the boiling point of a simmering situation for months. Nonetheless, the criticism of Simmons’s inconsistency in last year’s Eastern Conference title matchup may be valid. His teammates and the media didn’t have the right to drag and belittle him in this manner. Shortly after, Simmons requested a trade, and rightfully so. He began to hold out for roughly two weeks of training camp to force the 76ers to make a deal.

    Ben Simmons has yet to speak to the media since his return. He also hasn’t made any statements publicly since the Game 7 loss. As a result, Simmons led multiple teammates and coaches to answer questions on his behalf.

    The reality of the situation seems to be that it’s not going away anytime soon. In the meantime, Rivers and Embiid desperately attempt to spin the narrative, saying that the rest of the team has their heads in the game. Although, the frustration stemmed from how long the citation became evident to both gentlemen. Until a deal materializes, Simmons signed a huge extension and will be a part of the 76ers whether both parties like it or not.

    “At this point, I don’t care about that man,” Embiid said, referring to Simmons. “He does whatever he wants. That’s not my job.”

    “ … I get paid to deliver, and that’s to win games, and obviously the ultimate goal is to win a championship,” Embiid continues. “But, like I always say, I can’t do it alone. I need these guys, the guys that are here are willing to help me, and I’m willing to help them, and we’re going to continue to do it together.”


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