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    Perre Shares New Single “Blue Diesel”

    Perre’s R&B hit “Blue Diesel,” a lavish production, is interspersed with hooky vocals with the satisfying choice of the powerful synths in the chorus, which perfectly inscribe themselves on the eardrum. The whole becomes gripping and compelling.

    The brilliant vocals are provided by none other than Perre. Her songs are crystal clear and crisply mixed, just how R&B voices should sound. Just with plain language: even if you are not a stoner, it automatically gives you a natural high, with the moody concept of having a good time and enjoying every juncture, forgetting today’s apprehensions & living for the now.”

    Perre had a conversation with us and answered our distinctive 8 Questions. Check it out below.

    HYPEFRESH: So tell us, how did it all begin? What encouraged you to start playing and making music?

    Perre: I have been in love with music & singing since I was 6. My mom used to sing in a traveling gospel group, and I fell in love with the sound of the choir.

    My dad was a huge Mary J Blige fan, and he would play the music so loud that I remember just being in the backseat, grinning and loving how the bass made me feel. I had terrible stage fright, though, so I didn’t start singing in front of an audience until I got to high school.

    I played violin for a few years and eventually started singing in the church choir. Also, singing the national anthem in high school at the games and performing at my senior prom helped me overcome that fear of singing in front of people. I love mostly all genres, but the ones closest to my heart are jazz, gospel, and r&b, especially 90s r&b.


    HYPEFRESH: Talk me through your creative process when you write new music.

    Perre: This is my favorite, the creative process. I draw inspiration from my experiences, but my personal life can sometimes be boring. When I write, I try to get a clear picture of the message I want to portray in the song. Like, what’s this story about?

    So when I have little going on, I look to movies, artwork, traveling, books, and even experiences from friends to help spark an idea or concept for a song.

    Once the concept is down, I try to lock in on a melody that fits the instrumental (if I have one already) that works with the lyrics. The rest adds to the song’s final touches, like the backgrounds and adlibs.


    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, Blue Diesel?

    Perre: I’ve worked with the same producer for years; he is Brett White (Whitenoise) out in LA. He produced Blue Diesel. We’ve been working together for so long that he knows what I like as far as sound goes, and we just understand where to go with the song when we work together.

    He sent me a loop, and I instantly said, “man, this feels so uplifting.” I had taken some edibles and just started writing. This was also around the time the pandemic was sort of over. I was tired of being in the house, worried about life, and just wanted to create something that would make me feel better.

    This track gives you that natural high even if you don’t smoke. You can’t help but nod and vibe to it when you hear it. It’s about forgetting the things that may have you stressed at the moment and saying, “you know what? I’m chilling for the night. “When we shot the video for Blue Diesel, we wanted to portray that.

    We had so much fun because people who didn’t know each other came together and had a kickback party in the middle of the day with good music, pizza, shots, Mary Jane, and games.


    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?

    Perre: I love getting messages on social media about how my music has touched people. That is why I choose to share my music, hoping that someone can relate and connect. Otherwise, why even put it out? For any artist, it’s always nerve-wracking putting out something you’ve created and putting it up for criticism/feedback, but people interpret and consume music differently. I’ve learned to respect that. But I love that I have the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives and connect with people, even if it’s for 2-3 mins.


    HYPEFRESH: What projects do you have coming up? Can you give us any info on them?

    Perre: Yes, I am working on an album. I am so excited because I haven’t completed an entire body of work in a long time. This project focuses on our internal dialogue and how sometimes being in your head can be both a blessing and a curse.

    I am all about subliminal messaging, so I think people will be intrigued by the concept. This is my first project where I collaborate with other artists, producers, and writers, so I can’t wait to share it.


    HYPEFRESH: Do you have any advice for our readers who may be trying to enter the game of music?

    Perre: Indie artists are killing the music game right now. There’s so much good music out there. I am still learning myself and nowhere near where I want to be, but I would just say if music is indeed what you’re passionate about, just do it.

    Fall in love with the creative process because that’s where the magic happens. Get out of your head and experience life if you’re also a writer looking for inspiration.

    Take your time and network with other musicians/artists. Remain a student and always stay curious about the art of music. There’s always more to learn. Lastly, have fun.


    HYPEFRESH: How do you solve productivity/scheduling problems and reduce overwhelming situations?

    Perre: This is something I struggle with sometimes, honestly. But the good thing about being an indie artist is that I am on my schedule, so I set my dates. Even then, some dates still get pushed back or may be delayed.

    When that happens, I just try to regroup and put everything on a board so I can physically see it. From there, I will come up with the best strategy to get things done based on my budget and how big or small the project is. I also work a full-time job to pay for my music career, so if I am working 40 + hours at work, I put that same energy and more into my music, no matter what.


    HYPEFRESH: Name Three things you can’t live without when recording in the studio.

    Perre: When I am not recording at home, I usually just have tea or something warm to drink, water, my notepad (I’m old school, lol), and my phone, of course, and that’s it. I don’t require much at the studio, lol.

    Stream “Blue Diesel” on Spotify

    Connect with Perre: Instagram| Facebook| Spotify


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