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Ohio Opioid Crisis Killing White Families At High Speed

There’s an opioid crisis in America, and it’s hitting Ohio pretty bad.

An Ohio county is experiencing one of it’s worst cases since the opioid epidemic started. Fox News Cleveland reports that in as little as 26 hours there were 10 deaths reported.

A Franklin County Coroner sent a message out on Sunday urging people to keep a watch on those who are drug abusers. Evidently, there’s a high overdose rate with those using fentanyl, because the drug is being mixed with cocaine and methamphetamine. The three, ultimately, create a deadly mixture.

As a way to try and prevent more overdoses from happening, naloxone and fentanyl testing strips are being pushed. But, to no avail.

This is the second time within the year that Ohio has seen a spike in overdoses. Previously, six people died on August 12 in a matter of 24 hours.

The high death rates and opioid usage are sending Americans in a frenzy– a major contrast to how Americans felt about the crack epidemic.

In 2017, Fox News says that certain areas started to implement Opiate Action Plans. In 2019, the efforts are still going strong.

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Featured Image Credit: Washington Post

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