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    NLE Choppa Will Remain Celibate This Year

    In the new year, many celebrities made some interesting year’s resolutions. Recently, Atlanta rapper NLE Choppa revealed that he plans to remain celibate this year. In the least, the 19-year-old has made the commitment to practice semen retention. Though it won’t be easy, NLE Choppa made it known that he’s sticking with the regiment for the rest of the year.

             NLE Choppa Wants To Be Celibate In 2022

    via Crumpe

    When it comes to celibacy, Atlanta-rapper NLE Choppa takes the matter seriously. Recently, the rapper revealed that he’ll be celibate in 2022. More specifically, he’s practicing the method of semen retention. It seems that the 19-year-old has taken a page out of Joey Bada$$ and Kevin Gates’ book on the matter.

    Choppa’s intention to practice semen retention seems strange for someone his age. Though, after listening to his interview with The Breakfast Club, it’s clear that Choppa is wise beyond his years. The world needs to get on his shotta flow.

    “I went celibate for like a month . . . I realized how tired I was after having sex. You can have sex, but I feel like semen retention is the focus, because like I tell people all the time, one nut equals to eight miles . . . It can make a whole life, so it’s powerful. You can’t just keep giving it to everybody.”

    True words spoken by the rapper.

        He’s Determined To See The Regiment Through

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    Celibacy can be hard to practice as a teenager. Though, NLE Choppa seems determined to do the impossible. While still very wet behind the ears, the rapper possesses wisdom like no other teenager. In continuation of the interview, Choppa admits that it seems strange for him to practice semen retention and be celibate at his age.

    Though, he reaffirms that he’s up for the challenge. Once the “Shotta Flow”rapper puts his mind to something, he’s determined to see it through.



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