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    New Song: LonelyBandz – “Cartel Run It Up” (Audio)

    Introducing Oklahoma rising LonelyBandz.

    The Tulsa act is energetic, gritty and most of all unexpected. In 2020, LonelyBandz creates anticipation for debut album with a planned execution of ten appetizing songs to draw in our attention. Today, we receive the latest song in the prelude with “Cartel Run It Up.”

    The new song is a flex track by the upcoming artist. Rapping about the finer things in life brought by the undisclosed trade. Witty from beginning to end, the song delivers a groovy vibe that is universally sound for all audiences. Intriguing to see what LonelyBandz presents next.

    “Cartel Run It Up” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans for the Southern act. LonelyBandz is best known for his trailblazing debut visual, entitled, “Lonely Thoughts.” The currently untitled debut album is scheduled for a 2021 release with a known feature by popular new Chicago artist, Calboy.

    “Cartel Run It Up” is streaming everywhere on Cartel Oil Records. Find out more on LonelyBandz via Instagram.

    Take a listen to the new single now.

    Lonely Bandz


    As the saying goes, pressure makes diamonds, and at just 21 years old, this young artist has already overcome quite a bit of adversity. James “Lonleybandz” Hall was born December 10, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The youngest of -five and the only boy, Bandz was primarily raised by his maternal grandmother while his mother struggled with sobriety on the impoverished north side of Tulsa.

    Showcasing his dynamic flow as an equally talented vocalist and rapper, he began to record original music and post covers of popular songs on Youtube, quickly gaining traction online. His cover of SZA’s “The Weekend” amassed over 74K views, while the music video for his “Lonely Thoughts” garnered over 145K! Bandz’s ability to seamlessly blend raw lyrics and deep emotion with a melodic delivery is evident in tracks like “We Lit,” “Smoke,” “Beast Mode,” “Frozen,” and his latest, “Cartel Run It Up.”

    Tough times proved no match for Lonleybandz, when his hard work and commitment to his craft paid off earlier this year. In the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Lonleybandz was introduced to Rob of Cartel Oil Records, based in San Diego, California. Rob immediately witnessed how talented Bandz was, and they inked a deal. Now, with a label backing, Lonleybandz hopes to see his biggest dream come true. “Ultimately the goal is to become the number one artist in the world”

    “Just seeing guys just like me, who came from places just like I did, doing what I’m trying to do. When I see people on that level, I’m like ‘I can get to that level,” says Lonleybandz. “I can’t let the world consume me or become too big-headed, I have to stay level to the ground.” He attributes one of his favorite pastimes, fishing, to how he stays so level headed despite the things he has been through in his personal life.

    This year, Lonleybandz plans to release 10 new singles as he prepares his debut album set for release in 2021. His latest single “Out The Mud” featuring Chicago rapper Calboy is set to release.


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