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    R&B Albums From 2022 That Will Have You In Your Feelings

    4 R&B Albums to Vibe to in 2022

    With the chaos of today, it can be challenging to relax. The emotional burnout is real. Get back in touch with the softer-side of life with these four 2022 R&B albums. These R&B vocalists will have you in your feels.


    SZA’s deluxe re-release is an amazing vibe in and of itself and is bursting with feeling saturated slow-jam bangers. Whether it is the broodingly honest duet on “Pretty Little Birds”, “My wings don’t spread like they used to!” Or the empowered gloating on “The Weekend”, “You like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend/Make him lose his mind every weekend/You take Wednesday, Thursday/Then just send him my way!”

    The tracks are simply unreleased and not brand new, SZA confirms. “This is JUST a gift for camp ctrl. Nothing more nothing less. if u family you get it. 5 yrs is a long time,” SZA tweeted.

    Love Without The Heartbreak

    Mary J. Blige’s new album. “No one else could make me feel this way!” Leave it to to the Queen of R&B herself, Mary J. Blige, to remind listeners that the best vibes start with one’s self. What’s better than mellow music and self-love?

    Sink Or Swim

    Ella Mai structured her new album for the emotional content of the lyrics. The album’s tracks take the listener on a heroine’s journey of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

    Feel A Way

    Sevyn Streeter’s Drunken Words Sober Thoughtz is dreamy and experimental. It is more of a surrealist journey of vivid mood and emotionalism. Although it was released in 2021, the emotions of the tracks are palpable. And listeners will be able to empathize by applying their own personal narratives to the sounds and vibes.

    Does a music’s genre impact your mood? Which new 2022 R&B album is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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