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    New Rapper YNW Melly Produced His Album While In Jail

    Being imprisoned doesn’t stop stars from conducting business. Up and coming rapper YNW Melly certainly hasn’t stopped producing new music from behind bars. The 22-year-old might possibly be looking at a life sentencing for murdering two people, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing a music career. Furthermore, sources note that the artist spent long hours producing his newest album “Just A Matter Of Slime” whilst locked up. Creativity never sleeps, even while facing the death penalty.

                YNW Melly Produced His New Album From Jail

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    via Billboard

    YNW Melly clearly pulled some strings to produce his new album “Just A Matter Of Slime” from inside a jail ceil. TMZ first reported that the rapper was putting the finishing touches to his new record. Furthermore, the rapper and singer spent a total of 8 months producing the album. Not to mention, he called up some of his famous friends to help put the record together. Furthermore, TMZ revealed that YNW Melly “spent hours securing collabs with rappers like Young Thug, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert.”

    Additionally, he even worked with sound engineers to make “Just A Matter Of Slime” a reality. Though, YNW Melly had been way ahead of the album-making process when he created his verses before his 2019 arrest. Apparently, YNW Melly had plans to release the album one way or another.

    Furthermore, he hopped on a few more phone calls on August 12 to promote his album. Though, his album promotion led many fans to assume the rapper had been released from prison. Unfortunately, YNW Melly still remains incarcerated.

                The Rapper Might Face The Death Penalty

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    via Miami New Times

    Despite producing an album, YNW Melly still has to do the time. As mentioned before, YNW Melly was arrested and charged with two accounts of murder back in February 2019 Currently, prosecutors have sought the death penalty for both YNW Melly and his co-defendant, YNW Bortlen. Both men faced death charges for allegedly murdering their fellow crewmembers YNW Sakchaser and Juvy.

    Furthermore, the investigation report revealed that both Melly and his accomplice staged the murders to look like a drive-by shooting. Additionally, police believe the alleged murderers drove around with the two dead bodies before dropping them off at a local hospital. Moreover, YNW Melly’s court date for his trial case is well on the way. Hopefully, the rapper learns his lesson and can return to making more music for his fans.


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