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    New 1UCID Shares Official Debut Single “Miss You”

    “I’m gonna miss you” is a trending slogan that has spread like wildfire across social media in support of the arrival of a highly-anticipated music artist. Today, as promised, new singer/songwriter/producer 1UCID marks his official entry into the music industry with the release of his debut single, “Miss You.” The new artist’s debut is a mixture of Afrobeats, Hip Hop and R&B laced with perfect lyrics about love and mourn.

    Making a song dedicated to the lonely and heartbroken in hopes his new sound would draw new audience and change the current musical landscape. In the song’s press release, 1UCID revealed, “Miss You” is a song of purpose, dedicated to past heartbreaks, the departed friend who became a brother. Grounded in the shared experience of loneliness and emptiness that is felt when we miss someone, “Miss You” provides both rhythm and emotional release. I’m bringing a daring and authentic sound to the table that will transform the lives of my listeners.”

    Based on the artist’s bio, 1UCID’s music is rooted in shared human experiences that maintain a feel encapsulated by edgy, modern sounds. While preparing for the debut single, 1UCID visited Ghana, where he took a chance to reflect, admire, and truly enjoy what is important in life. “Miss You” is the perfect song as we head into the fall.

    Before the music, 1UCID was Kwadwo Bediako, a well-known music manager who holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Akron. As an entrepreneur, Bediako founded successful companies Ray Styles Studios Inc., Heuristic Lifestyles LLC, and Uvolox LLC.

    A visual love story for “Miss You” is coming soon. 1UCID is currently developing his forthcoming debut album, as-yet-titled. 1UCID promises two more singles set to follow the official debut. To stay updated on the upcoming album, new single and much more, follow the new artist on social media.

    Feel free to check out “Miss You” below.


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