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    NBA Youngboy Spotted Having Fun in Video Shoot Snowball Fight

    Youngboy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA Youngboy, is a front page news specialist. Whether for new baby momma drama, or because he’s beefing with what seems like the entire rap game, Youngboy makes headlines every other week at this point. This time however, he is trending for simply having good, honest fun and enjoying himself. At a recent video shoot, he used the cold weather that’s freezing most of the US as an opportunity to have some fun with his supporters.

    The Baton Rouge native can be seen engaging in a snowball fight with some of his die hard fans that showed up to the set, which was reportedly at his house. YB and his admirers both posted their fun experience on Instagram and Twitter.

    Everyone was in good spirits despite the freezing weather because they were able to have fun with their favorite performer. The clips are available for viewing below.

    The music video they were filming was for a song titled “Black” which was released earlier today (January 6). The song appears on his project called I Rest My Case which also premiered today and features 19 songs.

    Part of the reason Youngboy’s fans are so unrealistically loyal is the fact that there are never starving for music. This new LP is NBA YoungBoy’s second release in the past two weeks and his ninth project to be released in just over a year.

    The rapper had previously stated his intention to release 10 mixtapes in 2022, but he later acknowledged he ran out of lyrics. I guess it makes sense that NBA Youngboy’s lyrics aren’t unlimited, though they seemed endless as the 23 year old has released over 30 full length projects in his short career. Even so, his fans were given more music in this past year than many other fans get from their favorite artists in a whole decade, and their loyalty reflects their satisfaction.

    Freezing weather, tornado, hurricane, you name it, Youngboy fans will endure it to spend time with their favorite rapper. What rapper would you stand outside in the snow for?

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