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    NBA Pass & NFL Pass Offer Free Services During Coronavirus Hiatus

    NBA Pass & NFL Pass Offer Free Services Through April 22nd

    The NBA Pass and NFL Pass have announced that they will offer free services during this hiatus as a result of coronavirus. Both of these streaming services have offered free subscriptions for over a month, ending on April 22nd. Hopefully, things will have calmed down by then in terms of the spread of the virus.

    NBA Pass And NFL Pass Offer Free Services

    Several things have been suspended in reaction to coronavirus, including schools, major sports organizations, and many jobs. It feels odd that there are no types of sporting events taking place at the moment. Some more serious things that are affected by this lack of play include people not receiving employment or pay.

    What the NFL Pass & NBA Pass Offer

    Check out this previous HypeFresh article for information on current NBA players and coaches that have stepped to help pay NBA employees. Another less serious effect of separate sports leagues being suspended is the lack of entertainment. The article also discusses some possible alternatives to watching live sports during this time.

    Although watching re-runs of sports games was mentioned in the post, there was no talk of the free NFL Pass and NBA Pass during the upcoming month. The NBA Pass offers replays of match-ups from the 2019-20 seasons as well as some classic games.

    NBA Pass And NFL Pass Offer Free Services

    The NFL Pass offers every game from the regular season and playoffs over the last 11 seasons. Along with this, the NFL Pass provides access to their original programs “Hardknocks”, “A Football Life”, and the NFL’s “All-22” footage. “Hardknocks” is a fun and in-depth show that looks into a particular NFL team during pre-season each year. Whereas the NFL’s “All-22” footage offers camera angles that teams and players use to break down film.

    Final Thoughts

    No one likes to see the suspension of sports. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. Especially when players throughout leagues, such as Kevin Durant, and others have already tested positive for the virus.

    During this time of social distancing and hiatus from sports, one still has to find ways to stay entertained. Thankfully there are options such as free streaming of the NFL Pass and NBA Pass, where one can watch re-runs of several recent and classic match-ups.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you pumped to hear of options to get you by during this hiatus from sports? What are some games you plan on watching? And what are some other ways that you’ve been entertained during these times?

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