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Anti-tampering NBA Memo Goes Out After Bold LeBron Interview

Philadelphia, PA —  The NBA less than a day ago sent out a league-wide memo anti-tampering rule, according to Espn’s Adrian Wojnarowski.


-From ESPN

Anthony Davis

Overall, the message comes just days after league executives criticized LeBron James. The former MVP was boldly for open about recruiting. The comments came in an Espn interview with Rachel Nichols. King James reportedly had dinner with New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis. This presents a conflict as  Davis will be a free agent this offseason.

New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry did not take well to the news. James’s tactics are something that rubbed Gentry the wrong way.



Anthony Davis has two years currently on his contract. Furthermore, Davis is a superstar that can pick up an option worth $28.8 million. Several outlets know that Davis will decline the player option come 2020. Many league executives around the league dislike LeBron’s recruiting ability. Warning from the league was much needed in this day and age. Overall, it shows that the league is unbiased in their rule enforcement.

Special Treatment?

In addition, it’s believed that LeBron James is to recruiting without penalty. This wouldn’t be good for the league’s image moving forward. There’s even a quote from LeBron on his 30/30 special. The three-time NBA champion indicated some more surprising new to Rachel Nichols. The documentary special will consist of a story of recruiting players around the NBA. LeBron is a highly controversial player, with special treatment. Many respect his greatness off the court as an influential person. Some still believe that LeBron James ruined the NBA. King James continues to be the voice in the African-American community, and opening new schools in his hometown.

In conclusion, James accomplishments continue to grow. For instance, LeBron has surpassed Michael Jordan in playoff scoring, which is a major feat. Above all, we will continue to watch what is going to happen in the midst of the season. Do you think the NBA can stop King James from tampering? Will Anthony Davis join forces with LeBron in 2020? Leave your comments below and for more sports keep it linked to

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[…] Last month Pelicans head Coach Alvin Gentry accused LeBron James of tampering. This occurred after James publicly admitted in an Espn live interview with Rachel Nichols he ” Always recruited”. James recruiting tactics for Davis’ services managed to piss off alot of  NBA officials. James also had dinner with Davis following a recent game. Shortly after an anti-tampering NBA memo went out after Lebron’s bold interview. […]

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