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    Natanael Cano: Corrido’s Charting Star On The Rise

    Who is Natanael?

    Born in Hermosillo, Mexico, Natanael Cano is a young singer who is leading the charts with his vanguard-style music.  He does so with the musical movement “corridos tumbados” of the 21st century. This is when artists mix the genres of trap or hip-hop with traditional Mexican music.

    Cano became famous when he signed to record label Rancho Humilde. Then the launch of his album Todo es diferente followed.

    In 2019, he released his hit single remixed with Puerto-Rican rapper Bad Bunny called Soy el Diablo thus jumpstarting his career on an international level.

    Corridos Tumbados

    Natanael Cano successfully interprets corridos tumbados. According to musicologist Vicente Mendoza, he defines corrido as “an epic-lyric narrative genre. In quartets of variable rhyme, either assonant or consonant in paired verses…”.

    Despite this, the origin of corrido is up for debate to this day. However, it shows the influence and strength created with both Mexican and Mexican-American culture.

    From time to time, corrido serves as a source of entertainment to Latinx people. Despite this fact, many of the themes used in the songs are found to be denoting tribunal historic events and malicious characters.

    Childhood Inspiration

    For one, during his infancy, Natanael displayed his musicality at family gatherings and parties. He later taught himself to play the guitar, mostly because his family couldn’t afford music lessons. He takes most of his inspiration from late musician Ariel Camacho. Camacho was a prominent Mexican songwriter who was the lead singer in the band Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes del Rancho.

    Current Success

    At only 20 years old, Natanael Cano has a net-worth estimated at 4.91 million. In 2019, he was nominated for Premios de la Radio (Award show based in Mexico) for Revelation Artists of the Year.

    He currently holds three awards from Premios Juventud for Spicy Regional Songs, OMG Collaboration, and New Regional Mexican Generation.


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