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    Nas Isn’t Threatened By The New Generation Of Rappers

    With so many upcoming emcees on the rise, several legends feel pressured to compete with the new faces of HipHop. Luckily, New York-based rapper Nas doesn’t even sweat the competition. In fact, the emcee enjoys the new music produced by these upcoming talents. Why would the legendary rapper hate on the innovative sounds of his successors, when he himself changed the HipHop scene? Afterall, he’s been hailed as the greatest emcees of all time. Nas doesn’t feel threatened by these new rappers at all.

                                Trailblazer Of HipHop

    via The New York Times

    When earning the title as “the Greatest Rappers of all time”, a rapper doesn’t feel threatened by competition. The title signifies that an artist’s music is timeless, it’ll never go out of style. Nas has gone on to become a multi-platinum and Grammy-winning artist. Major achievements aside, the rapper’s style and flow changed the sound of HipHop forever.

    Long-time fans have praised the rapper for his distinctive and innovative rap flow. In particular, his track “Rewind” really showed off the rapper’s talents. Any big-time fan knows that the emcee rapped the song entirely backwards without loosing a beat. How many rappers today can rap a song backwards? Nas obviously has no reason to feel threatened by this new generation of rappers. Not even today’s biggest rappers could reach his level of rap poweress.

                Nas Doesn’t Feel Threatened By His Successors

    via BET

    It’s so hard to make it into the music industry and stay on top. Even rap legends have a hard time staying relevant. Luckily, New York rapper Nas knows how to make fans go wild over his music, even in the new year. The release of his 2020 King’s Disease album had fans raving everywhere. Talk about making a successful comeback. Additionally, the rapper has received another Grammy nomination in 2021 for the Best Rap Album. Hopefully, he’ll take home the big win this year.

    Clearly, the rapper knows how to put out good music, even in changing times. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he’s not sweating the new generation of rappers. In fact, he loves listening to their music. During an interview with Financial Times, the rapper explained, “I appreciate what’s out there, but there’s no one keeping me up at night. I hear a new rap record and think it’s great, but I don’t listen to it the next week.” Nas doesn’t feel threatened in the least by his rap successors.


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