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    ‘Motomami’, Rosalia’s Most Odd Album Yet

    First and foremost, who is Rosalia? Maybe you’ve first heard of her in MTV’s 2019 Video Music Awards or the 2019 Latin Grammys. But she’s been in the business for more than 10 years. In 2019, she won the VMA for Best Latin Video for the song ‘Con Altura‘ featuring J Balvin and the Latin Grammy Album of the Year ‘El Mal Querer’. But, the flamenco-styled singer made a huge change and many have said for the worst when she released Motomami.

    Breakdown of ‘Motomami’

    via El Pais

    We’ve seen the marketing process Rosalia took for the album lately. Posting snippets of each of her new songs through TikTok, One of these snippets took social media by storm and was one ‘Hentai’.

    “Te quiero ride, Como a mi bike, Hazme un tape, Modo Spike, Yo la batí, Hasta que se montó, Segundo es chingarte, Lo primero e’ Dios”

    Of course, while this verse went viral, people were in confusion. It wasn’t your typical Rosalia music. Especially this one. The style of the song ‘Hentai’ makes number 6 in her album Motomami is considered Camp. And Camp is defined as something that regards as appealing, all because of its bad taste and ironic value.

    What Makes ‘Motomami’ Unique?

    With 16 songs and a running time of 42 minutes, Motomami is considered a minimalist production. The album includes samples from artists such as Soulja Boy on “Delirio de Grandeza”. It’s a song which is originally made by Justo Betancourt a Cuban Salasa singer.

    Moreover, the album is filled with different genres like Bachata used in “La Fama” with The Weeknd.

    Additionally, other splices of genres include Samba, Reggaeton, and Flamenco. As well as two songs “Bizcochito” and “Saoko” are a response to Wisin’s track “Saoco” featuring Daddy Yankee.

    In a recent interview with Jaime Altozano, Rosalia mentioned:

    “My other projects always had a very solemn tone”.

    She makes reference to her other projects like Los Angeles, her first project being a conceptual album about death. And El Mal Querer which covered themes about abuse.

    Rosalia discussed her creative process and decided it was time to make an album and have fun with it. That’s how Motomami was born. It’s a piece without a complete storyline but tells you how the artist’s mind works. More importantly, it shows the things that she is most fond of.

    Tell us what you think about Rosalia’s new album.


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