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    Minnesota Timberwolves SG Anthony Edwards Hateful Remarks

    There’s no question, that Minnesota Timberwolves superstar SG Anthony Edwards displayed some distasteful comments this past weekend, according to The Guardian. However, he’s attempted to make amends for it and issued an apology on the behalf of his hateful commentary towards the LGBTQ community. Last season, he became among one the NBA fan favorites throughout his play and off-the-court antics.  Edwards has displayed a sense of realness and comedic relief through his personality that many find refreshing.

    In fact, he was recently featured in Adam Sandler’s movie, Hustler, as Kermit Wilts. In the movie, he talked trash forcing the other player to get angry and fight. He often talks a lot on the court as well. Many didn’t believe he was acting at this point. However, the point is he has a wide variety of audiences ranging across the world. Therefore, Edwards should have been more knowledgeable for spreading this particular content or any content at all going forward.

    The video that went viral that was later deleted by Anthony Edwards is below:

    Anthony Edwards Apology

    Once this began to go viral many tweets were directed toward Edwards. Many believe he was forced to take action. He regrets his decision wholeheartedly it appears and expressed it via Twitter to help comfort members of the LGBTQ community he may have offended.

    He hurt many people due to the fact that he’s an athlete and that he’s being held to a certain standard. Edwards is supposed to be seen as a role model, a teammate, and a leader. However, his actions may have altered others’ opinions of him and some even felt not moved by the apology displayed on Twitter. For example, ESPN reporter Myron Medcalf expressed his frustration with Edward’s apology.

    “I am not impressed by the Anthony Edwards apology. That’s what he’s supposed to say. Also not focused on his youth. Kids know better. I want to see him do the hard part: dig into his life and figure out where all that comes from and then do the work to address it. That is growth.”



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