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    Migos Demonstrates Impact Gold Chains Has On HipHop Culture

    Everyone says that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend. Though, that statement takes on another meaning when it applies to rappers. Since the early 90s, rap stars have donned themselves in gold chains, links and grills to show off what money can truly buy. However, Migos Jewelry YouTube docuseries Ice Cold provides a deeper discussion on what bling means to a rapper.

                Migos Details The History Of Rappers & Their Gold Chains

    gold chains
    via Complex

    Rap history has plenty examples of emcees sporting big jewels and what they call “ice.’ It’s become a major staple in HipHop culture. Though, rap group Migos argue that their “iced-out bling” holds a deeper meaning than just flexing. In their new YouTube docuseries “Ice Cold”, Migos explain that their jewels symbolize the American Dream. “We just felt like it was very important to the culture to understand the diamonds and the jewels . . . Kind of, like, showing where we came from and showing that it’s hard, but you put jewels on to talk about the trophies and it makes you feel like somebody,” Quavo said during a recent interview with Hypebeast. Rappers have faced criticism for sporting their jewels, but now Migos seeks to change the narrative.

                                     The All-Star Cast

    gold chains
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    The Migos’ Ice Cold series offers a lot of great insight on the impact gold chains have on HipHop culture. In addition to providing tons of historical relevance, the series also features some of the biggest names in rap game. The series includes commentary from old and new rappers such as City Girls, De La Soul, French Montana and Slick Rick. That’s pretty much a star-studded ensemble. Furthermore, Ice Cold also features Quality Control giants, such as co-founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas who act as the show’s producers alongside Migos. Karam Gill serves as the series director. Be sure to catch Ice Cold on YouTube.



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