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Michael B. Jordan Fucked Up His Mind To Play Killmonger


If you saw Black Panther then you know how emotionally scarred Killmonger was. But what you probably didn’t know was the emotional distress it caused Michael B. Jordan once the cameras stopped rolling.

In an interview with Oprah, on “SuperSoul Conversations,” Jordan describes how he felt after his role came to a close.

“It was a little tough for me at first… Readjusting to people caring about me, getting that love that I shut out…  shut out love, I didn’t want love. I wanted to be in this lonely place as long as I could.”

Jordan explains that leading up to his award-winning role as Killmonger, he isolated himself on purpose. Under his belief, he wanted to feel exactly what his character would have felt growing up without a father, and lack of family support. So he intentionally withdrew himself from the public in order to prepare for the role. However, despite giving a great performance, he damaged his mental health in the process.

According to HNHH, MBJ admits that he had to see a therapist after the filming of Black Panther was over.

“Honestly, therapy, just talking to somebody just helped me out a lot. As a man, you get a lot of slack for it. … I don’t really subscribe to that. Everyone needs to unpack and talk.”

After his therapy sessions, Jordan tells Oprah how beneficial it was to receive professional help. He adds that not enough black men are allowed to express their vulnerability to issues regarding mental health.

It’s unfortunate that he had to put himself through that trauma to embody a fictional character, yet, his experiences did help to make the record-breaking film. But next time, hopefully, he finds a healthy balance.

Thoughts? Do you think mental health is a taboo topic in the black community? Share your thoughts with us below.

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