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Offset Kicking Game To Tekashi But It’s Too Late! It’s Snitching Season!!

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Fresh off getting his wife back, Offset can’t stay out of the media.

For well over a month and a half, the world has come to find out one particular thing. That one thing is that Tekashi 6ix9ine is a certified snitch. Many people couldn’t believe their ears when the news got out that the ” rapper was working with authorities. Last week Uncle Murda eluded to Tekashi’s bootyhole not being safe.  It seems like Offset is trying to express the same thing.

The member from Migos is somewhat familiar with the law. In other words, the “Father Of Four”, has been arrested a total of thirteen times. Furthermore, regardless of how you were raised, one thing for certain is that snitching was against code. Above all, it can put your loved ones in dangerous situations. This is what Offset had to say regarding Tekashi:

“My OG used to tell me, you get in that water, you better know how to swim,” says Offset. “You a grown man at the end of the day. You a grown man. Grown men make grown men decisions.” He goes on to note that Tekashi should be careful if he ever finds his way out of jail. “You choose the streets and you go left on the streets, your safety is a problem now because you chose the streets. Just know what you doing.”

The rapper has plenty of advice, but truth be told he needs some himself. Just last week he released his album, and his oldest daughter baby mama wasn’t too happy. She took to Instagram live to speak on personal issues Offset spoke about on the album. His daughter’s mother Shya Lamour ain’t cool with being called a hoe.

Does Offset has grounds to give Tekashi advice? Will you stop banging with Offset over this? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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