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    Michael Andre Braxton Is Claiming His Space : One to Watch

    The hip-hop world has always been communal in bringing people together. Its medium has always been a way to inspire individuals to set aside cultural and racial differences for the greater good. When it comes to unifying people and using music as a platform to make a difference, one such individual has continued to make his presence known in the music industry. Enter Michael Andre Braxton

    Even after achieving such massive success, Michael Andre Braxton remains true to the craft. Talented yet humble, the budding talent believes in perfecting his art for the masses. His work has been featured in multiple editorial outlets such as The Breakfast Club, Hype Magazine, KAZI, and Hip-Hop Vibe, only to name a few. Cementing an authoritative presence online has been one of Braxton’s goals this year. He understands the power of social media and the value of building strong social proof, especially as an independent artist.

    With so much creativity on tap, Michael Andre Braxton is a surefire act, swiftly gaining notoriety within the music world and beyond. He’s almost doubled his following this year, and it’s undeniable that 2023 holds so much in store for the fast-rising artist.




    1. My guy mike b is definitely a deep threat when it comes to hip hop and filmmaking his camera 🎥 and editing skills are like no other he is a beast.

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