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    Mexican Women Protest Femicides On Day Of The Dead

    By definition, femicide is the killing of a woman or girl solely because of her gender. On Oct. 31 through Nov. 2, Mexicans celebrate a holiday known as Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. This is a day in which people remember those who they have lost. Moreover, they create altars at home dedicated for prayer and remembrance of their loved ones.

    A total of 939 murders are classified as femicides in Mexico from January to December 2020, making it the highest rate yet. The Mexican government only started documenting femicide statistics in 2015.

    Moreover, August was considered the most deadly month, especially since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took power. In the 31 days of that month, 107 murders were classified as femicides.

    The secretary of public security Rosa Icela recognizes these crimes, considering it the vilest form of violence against women. There was an increase of 8% this year alone.

    This crime increased 8% compared to January to August 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year, mentioned Icela.

    From July to August, femicide increased to 58%: the recorded numbers went from 68 to 107.

    Importance of the “Catrina”

    via APF

    As a result of the celebration of “Dia de Los Muertos” women around Mexico protested the killings based on gender hate. Consequently, these deaths were brought by drug cartels surrounding the country.

    And in solidarity, many Mexican women took the image of Catrina as a source of resistance and awareness.

    The Catrina became an icon which identifies the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This is all thanks to the intervention of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Additionally, Diego has stripped the Catrina of the social criticism that gave her origin and endowed her with the elegance and stature with which she is known throughout the world.


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