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Meek Mill Don’t Fuck wit Frauds, a-k-a Tekashi69


Now that Tekashi69 has accepted a plea deal, his fountain of love and respect runneth very low.

Rappers, left and right, are showing signs that they don’t condone any association with him like they once have. Especially since he allegedly snitched to the feds!  But, among those rappers is Snoop Dogg and Philly rapper, Meek Mill.

Since his arrest, 69 has been laying low from behind bars–as if he has a choice. However, every now and then, he manages to communicate with his fans and the rest of the world, by dropping new music and projects very scarcely. Recently, he just debuted a new song, called “Lanes.” Its one of 6 songs, found on the album being released by Pornhub for Valentine’s Day.

And though plenty of his supporters are ecstatic about the new music, there are some people who weren’t joining in on the excitement. Just underneath the photo, you can see how Mill inserts himself into the comment section, to let people know Tekashi’s days of being praised are over. He writes:

“Nah we unfollowing you.”

It looks like Meek won’t be his pen pal.

Thoughts? Is Meek Mill overreacting? Or, did Tekashi69 portray a fake image? Let us know how you feel, using our comment section below.

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