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    Maya Lanét Shows She’s Next-In-Line On ‘With You’

    No lie, I feel like music has saved my life. Listening to music has given me the perfect outlet to escape from and I know I can’t be the only one impacted by it. So I can only imagine how draining it can be for artists to pour out their hearts just for listeners to enjoy. An artist out of Atlanta, who goes by Maya Lanét, does a great job of communicating her emotions and feelings through music.

    Great Foundation

    I was first introduced to Maya Lanét’s music with her 2020 single “With Passion”. Just like the title says, the track is full of passion and warmth. For this to be one of her first songs, it’s still some of her best work. She strikes me as an artist who sees the bigger picture of what she wants to accomplish for setting the standard so high on this song. You can tell she is fully committed to not only striving to be one of the most talented performers, but to have a lasting impact on listeners with her music.

    She makes her debut on HypeFresh with her newly released single, “Without You”h. With this being her last release in over a year, it’s apparent that she’s been working behind the scenes as a person and artist. Music is always more appealing when it comes from the soul. They packed this song with soul and spirit. She doesn’t alter her message to get an advantage and if you listen hard, you’ll notice she’s voicing her raw truth. Songwriting is a category in which she has always excelled at.

    Has All The Tangibles

    I’m a firm believer that if you want to have staying power as an artist, you don’t have to be the most talented. But you do need to respect the greats that came before you and find a way to build a genuine connection with listeners through your music. These are all things that Maya takes pride in every release, like this single.

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