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    Master P Set On New Venture: Black-Owned Supercar

    Master P Looking to Produce First Black-Owned Supercar

    Watch out, world. Master P has plans to be the money and brains behind the first Black-owned supercar. The rapper and entrepreneur took to Instagram to announce that he is teaming up with an ex-Tesla engineer to make it happen.

    “HAPPY MLK DAY to all the BIG DREAMERS! #RichardPatterson CEO of Trion, the first black-owned supercar manufacturer in America,” Master P posted to his Instagram on January 18th. “He is a former engineer at Tesla, designing the Model S from scratch. He also designed the landing gear on the Boeing 777 and the folding seats system in the Dodge Minivan. Mr. Patterson has went on to create his own supercar called the Nemesis RR. This adds diversity in the automotive industry and empowering a culture of dreamers.”

    P continued: “This is history, we have come a long way to witness and be a part of innovative technology, manufacturing and producing vehicles owned and made by us,” Master P, born Percy Miller, captioned the video posted with Patterson and the rapper’s son rapper/actor Romeo Miller. “In addition to the Nemesis RR models, Trion Supercars is currently in the process of creating affordable luxury suvs and cars for the masses.

    What’s The Mogul Up To Lately? 

    Maser P is occupied with his plethora of business ventures from clothing, to food to the big screen. In fact, he recently relaunched Rap Snacks, a potato chip brand featuring musical artists’ faces from Cardi B to his son. Also, Master P announced the launch of Uncle P’s Southern-style fish fry. Master P will always be making money moves!

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