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    Master P Getting That Bucket Of Chicken With Lionsgate

    Master P is a pioneer that changed the landscape of music before a Jay-Z or Diddy made it mainstream. The mogul has once again made another major deal.

    Regardless of the way you look at it, Master P is perhaps one of the most successful artist to ever enter into the entertainment industry. Earlier on the New Orleans native established what would become “No Limit”. Percy Miller had several different avenues that could lead him to success. He even had a brief stint in the NBA.

    Miller had many talents, but his true passion was geared towards the world of music. However now the entrepreneur is back into the world of film and just got another bag. The No Limit CEO took to Instagram to officially announce his latest deal with Lionsgate. The production company will be behind P’s biopic.

    The new biopic will be entitled “King Of The South: Ice Cream Man”. His new deal is considered one of the biggest deals with Lionsgate ever. The writer for Menace II Society “Tyger Williams”,will write the script. Master P’s biopic will paint the picture of his transition from the ghetto to being the next big star.

    The business man has always been a boss, and regardless of his upbringing never made an excuse. Over the last decade he continues to speak on what’s happening in the community. He even called “Kobe Bryant phony”, when his former teammate was suffering through drug addiction. He also did a kind gesture when he paid for a funeral of boy who died by Police.

    Who would you like to see play a young Master P? Would you honestly be interested in seeing his biopic? Please comment below and fore more news, keep it locked to!

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