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Former Drug Queen Pin Marjorie Harvey Talk Show Airing On Facebook

Featured Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It seems like every time we count Stevey Harvey out, he proves us wrong. Despite having some difficult weeks, his better half is coming to the rescue.

Late last year it was reported that NBC Universal would be replacing Steve Harvey’s show time slot. It came as a shock, as plenty of people tuned in daily for the comedian’s daytime talk show. However, one of the major issues was that the show was not produced on NBC. The bad blood started accumulating once NBC announced that American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson would be taking over the time slot. The networking giant failed to speak with Harvey before the announcement, leaving him to answer plenty of questions from the media. Now a Marjorie Harvey talk show is in the works.

Marjorie Harvey Talk Show

Just recently Steve Harvey also lost his hosting spot on Little Big Shot. Above all plenty of rumors are swirling that his hosting position on Family Feud is on the chopping block. Despite all of the issues, it seems like his better half will help to carry the load going forward. Several people are reporting that Marjorie Harvey will be launching a talk show on Facebook Watch. At the moment it is believed that her show will be the likes of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk. It is suggested that Marjorie will receive something in the likelihood of 7 figures for her hosting the segment.

This would be a step in the right direction for the family at the moment. Last month it was reported that Marjorie was planning on leaving Steve because of his alleged close business relationship with Kris Jenner. However, the two took to Instagram to clear up the nonsense in a staged video post. Furthermore, it’s been no secret that Marjorie used to be married to a Drug Kingpin in the early 90’s.  Since then her former husband has been released and has announced that he plans on releasing a tell-all memoir of their reign together on top.

Will you watch a Marjorie Harvey talk show? Will Steve ever get back into the daytime talk show industry? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit:  Ethan Miller/Getty Images


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