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    Marjorie Harvey Bodybag Diddy?? Smashing Daughter??

    Steve Harvey has had his ups and downs as of lately. The former daytime talk show host has a bone to pick with a very popular celebrity.

    That’s right last week further rumors allegedly confirmed that Diddy and Lori Harvey may have something going on. The 22-year-old step-daughter of Steve Harvey used to deal with Justin Combs. Now evidence is pointing to Diddy dating his son’s former love interest. This could get dangerous as the former drug Queen pin Marjorie Harvey bodybag Diddy could actually be a thing.

    Diddy and Lori were seen entering a restaurant separately a few weeks ago at the same time. Overall several outlets reported the news while Steve and Marjorie were on vacation. However, now the comedian has reached out to the Bad Boy CEO, and will have a sit down with him over the weekend. This is what an insider had to say regarding the issue.

    “Steve wants to have a man-to-man talk, find out what’s going on. And make sure that if they are together, that Diddy treats her right.”

    Marjorie surely can’t approve of this, and from stories we’ve heard, she still has plenty of connections. Earlier this year it was reported that she and Steve were going through the possible motions of divorce. Quickly the couple denied and canceled the claims. In addition, Marjorie’s ex-husband recently was released from prison. He said that he would be releasing a memoir telling of their former high-end lifestyle as Druglords.

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    Awww say it ain’t so 😂

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    In conclusion, Do you think Marjorie Harvey bodybag Diddy will happen? Is she cool with her daughter dating someone like Diddy? How will Steve approach the situation? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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