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    Marc Zumoff retires after 39 years of broadcasting

    Marc Zumoff retires after 39 years of serving as the Philadelphia 76ers official broadcaster. Via NBC Sports Philadelphia

    Marc Zumoff retiring after 39 years

    Marc Zumoff retires from annoucing games after 39 years of doing what he loves. But why? Simply put, it’s time.  Evidently, for this sports announcer, he’s ready to enjoy his life. Zumoff thinks of his bucketlist and the many items he hopes ro cross off in the later years of his life. As for the many things he still wishes to do, “play a musical instrument, learn to speak a foreign language, cook, travel,” and devote his time to a charitable cause.

    The Moment Zumoff Fell in Love, at 8 Years old

    But, before he leaves for good, he recalls the moment he fell in love. Apparently, it was with basketball and the Philadelphia sports team. Furthermore, with its devoted and passionate fans. He was 8 years old and saw the game through child’s eyes.

    “My father took me to my first 76ers game during the team’s initial season in Philadelphia,” Marc Zumoff recalls. “As soon as I walked through the turnstile at the old Philadelphia Arena, I was startled by the crowd noise…overwhelmed by the sights and sounds.” For him, the birage of sounds and smells of the ballgame stirred his interest and sealed his fate on the road to become the official broadcaster for the Philadelphia 76ers.  Not many people get to do the thing they dream about as a kid. Fortunately, for Zumoff, he did.

    “February 29, 1964, I was eight years old; … that was the night the Philadelphia 76ers became my first love.”

    “Fourth Quarter” of Life

    He’s come along way from that 8 year boy. But, in terms of his love of the game, not much ahas changed. Now, as he reaches the final fold of his life, he remembers the sacrafices and moments through his career. He remembers his wife that stood by him through it all. But, he leaves with a smile on his face and a love in his heart.

    “Now, after 39 years of covering 76ers basketball, first as the halftime host and the last 27 years as the television voice, it’s time for me to step away…If life is a basketball game, I’m into the fourth quarter!”

    Zurmoff sends his love to the fans

    Ultimately, Zumoff will forever be indebited to the fans of the game. Because, for him, it was their support and their passion that continued to draw out his love. Due to the fans that never gave up on the team,  Zumoff shared his love of the game and Philadelphia’s team with them.  Knowing that, he writes,

    “thank you, 76ers fans, for the opportunity to be with you on this surreal ride. It’s been a privilege to be welcomed into your homes.”

    He continues to  address the fans.

    “I’ve come to fully understand and appreciate the responsibility of being the voice of your team and I was truly honored to do so.”

    Philadelphia could not have a better broadcaster. Not since the days of Harry kalas and the Phillies, has there been a more dedicated broadcaster. For that, as the fans of Philadelphia, we thank Marc Zumoff for his years of service to our team and city.


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