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    LuvAndreas Unveils Another Hot Banging Single “Shots For Me”

    Boston artist LuvAndreas unveils yet another hot banging single called “Shots For Me,” mixed with a prominent solid melody and soft vocals perfectly matched against the equally catchy production.

    “Shots For Me” carries a message of how tough it can get to move out of a toxic relationship lingering in damaging situations for the sake of loyalty. Sharing how to overcome unhealthy conduct by standing up for what is right and not shying away from breaking out of feeling all the emotions of making the hard decision of getting our feelings hurt. Ultimately, the guilt of staying will overpower the responsibility of leaving.

    With a soft, soulful voice and lovely floating configurations, the artist forms music in a punk-like voice with smooth and melodic rhythms. The result is an impressive mix of factual, energetic, and rhythmic rap and pop interweaved music that always comes from natural, unfiltered, and everyday sentiments.

    LuvAndreas continues to impress the world extensively as he reaches new heights of artistry with his latest single, “Shots For Me.”

    Stream “Shots For Me.” on Spotify

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