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    Ludacris Gains Back His Rap Mojo In A New JIF Commercial

    Atlanta rapper Ludacris has been MIA in the world of music. Though, his new JIF gig hints at his return to the HipHop scene. Recently, Ludacris and newcomer Gunna starred in a JIF commercial where they harped on the “magical properties” of the peanut butter brand. In particular, it gives Ludacris back his rap mojo. Fortunately, the commercial has encouraged the Atlanta rapper to get back into the studio. We’re sure the die-hard Ludacris fans can’t wait to hear new music by the rapper.

                        Ludacris Gets His Rap Mojo Back

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    Rap legend Ludacris hasn’t released any major projects since his 2015 album Ludaversal. These days, he’s busy starring alongside Tyrese and Vin Diesel in the Fast & The Furious film franchise. Though, the “Get Out The Way” rapper has been itching at an opportunity to return to rap music. In his JIF peanut butter commercial that aired on Monday August 16, the star certainly provided the perfect opportunity for the rapper’s comeback. Not to mention, the ad has been dubbed “The Return” which couldn’t be more fitting for Ludacris.

    At the start of the ad, Luda struggles to lay down a decent set of bars in the studio. It isn’t until after he tries a spoonful of JIF peanut butter that he regains his rap mojo. The song produced in the ad “Butter ATL” goes viral, becomes a hit record and even helps the rapper excel in life. However, Luda runs out of JIF peanut butter right before a live stage performance. Luckily, Gunna offers the rapper a brand-new jar. Luda takes a spoonful of the peanut butter and the two head out onto the stage to perform “Butter ATL.” Even if its just a JIF peanut butter commercial, Ludacris has clearly retained his iconic sound.

                        Ludacris’s Return To Rap Music

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    In a recent press release prior to “The Return” JIF ad, Luda talked about his love for peanut butter and creating music. “Those who know me know I am a die-hard peanut butter lover – I even have it on my rider. The opportunity to bring together two things I love – Jif peanut butter and HipHop music – was a creative challenge I just couldn’t pass up.” Clearly, he enjoyed combining his two loves together. Not to mention, getting his rap mojo back.

    More importantly, Luda shared with fans that he’s made plans to create new music. “I’ve been anticipating getting back into the studio for a while now and I saw this as a cool way to merge the best of my roots, inspired by the amazing sounds from artists like Gunna, to see what new-to-the-world magic I could create.” The fans heard the rapper. He’s coming out with new music. Hopefully, Ludacris delivers fans a full-length album this time.


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