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    First Drake Love Child, Now Bow Wow To Cut That Check?

    Earlier this year while Pusha-T and Drake was beefing, we learned of his secret love child.

    After Pusha-T made it public in a diss, the world was in shock. Now it possibly may be another artist that has a love child.

    Just the other day Bow Wow was getting flamed regarding an incident where he was pump faking. From sex tapes to false claims Bow Wow has been a clown.

    The rapper made it seem as though Lil Mama was trying to give him the panties. She took to social media to air him and set the record straight regarding her intentions.

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    A woman who says she’s recently been involved with #BowWow alleges that he manipulated and paid her to get an abortion. ___________________ Model Jasmonique Easterling said she met Bow Wow through a mutual friend and became romantically involved and within a few weeks she allegedly became pregnant. ___________________ Easterling said Bow Wow manipulated her into getting an abortion and had his assistant try to set it up without speaking to her. However, the alleged texts show she reached out to him after finding out she was pregnant for financial and emotional support. ___________________ The alleged texts also imply that he directed her to a clinic that performed the procedure and told her he was going to pay for it. ___________________ She claims she agreed to meet up with him after she had to quit her day job because-read more at

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    The young lady in questions seems to be looking for Bow Wow to cut that check.

    We’re not sure if this is just a stun or real. Either way Bow Wow better stay strapped up!!


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