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    LL Cool J Plans His Return To Music

    Listening to new artists is always an exciting adventure. When legendary musicians make a return to the spotlight though, there’s a lot more hype. James Todd Smith or rather LL Cool J shared some pretty big news earlier this week and it has fans going crazy. The rapper responsible for giving us hits like “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “Headsprung”, has plans to return back to the music scene. Additionally, the HipHop icon receives help from a few old-school friends to revive his rap career.

                      LL Cool J Has Been Gone For 7 Years

    via Billboard

    Rap legends have attempted a grand return to the stage in the past. Some artists have flourished, while others perished. We can bet that LL Cool J’s return will only be met with positive reviews, given the buzz surrounding him now. The rap legend hasn’t made any new music for seven years.

    Though, at 52-years-old and several hit records later, we get that LL would want to take a years-long hiatus. Afterall, the rap legend has release 13 albums since his debut record Radio back in 1985. The guy has worked in the music industry for decades. Not to mention, LL Cool J has several hit songs that are still popular today. There’s no telling how much money he’s making from those record sells alone. Additionally, he’s been our favorite tv cop Sam Hanna on NCIS: LA for 12 seasons straight. He even has his own radio show Rock The Bells and is involved in several lucrative businesses. It’s not like LL Cool J needs to make any plans to return to the music scene. He could retire if he wanted to.

                LL Cool J Plans To Release New Music

    While LL Cool J probably has stacks of money for days, the rap legend isn’t leaving the entertainment world anytime soon. This past Tuesday, the 52-year-old took to Instagram to announce his plans to release new music. The rap legend even released a photo of himself in the studio booth with none other than artists Q-Tip and Big Daddy Kane, writing in the captions, “We Cooking B.” With an iconic group such as these three, we can already smell a hit record coming. Once the news broke over social media, everyone from Busta Rhymes and filmmaker Benny Boom took to the comments to fangirl over the iconic moment. LL Cool J’s record is already lit, even before its release date.


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